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Sports Law

Sport connects people and cultures, however different they may be. Sport has the unique gift of uniting and building a team spirit.

Whether as an amateur or professional athlete, sports organization, or event organizer, there are various challenges from a legal and tax perspective. With our experience and expertise, we can support you with the following services:

Structuring and legal compliance of sports associations and organizations

Depending on the size, the needs of (sports) clubs in Switzerland are very different. We assist with finding the most suitable legal structures for sports associations and the respective implementation.

Advice for sports associations and organizations

Depending on the size and respective sport, different goals may be pursued by sports associations and organizations. Many associations pay high attention to the promotion of juniors and young talents. However, when it comes to legal issues relating to sponsorships, the planning of national training camps, junior insurance, sports scholarships at home and abroad, the management of a sporting event, etc., many associations feel overburdened or are personally understaffed. We would be happy to support you in these situations with our experienced team of lawyers covering a wide range of legal areas.

Consulting and drafting of contracts

Lease agreement for the club venue, employment agreement for a coach, sports event agreement with the operator of a sports facility, agreements on sponsorship, license agreements, e-commerce for fan articles, general terms and conditions for an online shop, etc. This is only a selection of various possible contracts with which athletes, sports event organizers as well as sports clubs and associations deal. We help you to develop such contracts, review them and enforce them for you.

Legal advice for amateur and professional athletes

Dealing with legal aspects of private matters in addition to the intensive performance as an athlete is not what you are looking for? In addition to sports-specific matters, we are also happy to advise you in other areas of law.

Arbitration in Sport

We represent you in arbitration proceedings and defend your interests.

Representation before association-internal committees and instances

In addition to representation before state courts and in arbitration proceedings, we will also represent you before bodies and authorities within associations.

Support and legal advice on sponsoring, marketing, merchandising, licenses, image rights, etc.

Have you reached a level where your sporting performance should also be financially rewarding or where you would like to earn a living doing your sport? We support, advise and assist athletes, sports organizers and clubs in negotiation with sponsors and marketing agencies, help to establish merchandising and take care of licenses and image rights issues.

Advice on corporate law aspects in sport

Depending on the size, structure, and form of the organization, the legal requirements to be observed might vary and different processes may be required. We will be happy to advise you in this field as well.

Providing services as a board member in sports clubs and associations

Voluntary workers, who are still frequently seen in sports clubs, are not always easy to be recruited respectively professional representatives are appointed above a certain size. We can also assist you here.

Advice on employment law related to the sports environment

A professional coach is to be hired or an athlete is to be engaged? Is he or she Swiss or perhaps from abroad? Are any permits required and/or which aspects of social security law must be taken into account? We will also be happy to assist you in this area.

We can also help with more unpleasant issues than the employment of team members, such as dismissal or labor disputes.

Advice on tax law

Our tax specialists provide you with extensive support in tax-related matters.

Would you like to tackle the professionalization of your sporting passion or simply have a strong partner at your side? Our dedicated team will support you from the start right up to the championship title and beyond.