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Sports Law

Sport connects people and cultures, however different they may be. Sport has the unique gift of uniting and building a team spirit.

Whether as an amateur or professional athlete, sports organization, or event organizer, there are various challenges from a legal and tax perspective. With our experience and expertise, we can support you with the following services:

  • Structuring and legal compliance of sports associations and organizations
  • Drafting and review of sport-related contracts
  • Legal advice for amateur and professional athletes
  • Arbitration in sports
  • Representation before association-internal committees and instances
  • Support and legal advice for sponsoring, marketing, merchandising, licenses, and image rights
  • Assisting as internal legal counsel in sports clubs and associations
  • Tax advise for athletes, sports organizations and sports events, in particular regarding income and value-added taxes

Would you like to tackle the professionalization of your sporting passion or know a reliable partner by your side? Our dedicated team supports you from the beginning to the championship title and beyond.