Report of the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO regarding the implementation of the job notification duty

On 1 November 2019, the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO has published its report regarding the status of the implementation of the new duty to notify open positions to the Swiss Regional Employment Centres (REC).

| Philipp Bachmann, Denise Brügger

Based on the relevant reports and management processes, the SECO has concluded in its report that the new notification duty has been implemented efficiently and in compliance with the law. The administrative processes between employers, private employment agencies and Regional Employment Centres (REC) have been established. The duty to notify jobs has been incorporated into the systems of the public employment services.

According to SECO, the number of job notifications increased significantly over the past few months. With 120,000 notifications and 200,000 reportable jobs, almost three times as many jobs have been notified to the REC than expected. More than 80% of the reported jobs concerned the hospitality, construction and industrial sectors.

Processing of notifications by Regional Employment Centres (REC)

Remarkably, more than 98% of all job notifications were reviewed by REC and published in the online database at within one day. During the first five days after publication, jobseekers registered with REC have exclusive access to the published jobs via a personal login. At the end of September 2019, already 28% of all jobseekers registered with REC have obtained such a login. It is expected that this percentage will further increase during the upcoming months.

Around 55% of the job notifications from employers and private employment agencies were answered within three days after publication on with at least one application. Around 4,800 job notifications resulted in a job for an application received through the online database. It will remain the primary objective to successfully place jobseekers within the five days during which people registered with REC have exclusive access to the online database.

Adjustments to the list of open positions subject to the job notification duty

An amendment of the list of professions subject to the job notification duty for the year 2020 has already been developed (available at and is currently subject to approval by the Department of Economics, Education and Research (WBF). It is expected that it will enter into force until 1 January 2020 by way of a decree from the WBF.
According to the already applicable law, the reduction of the threshold (5% unemployment rate) for the application of the job notification duty will also come into force on New Year’s Day.

The media release of the SECO can be found here (in German only):

Philipp Bachmann
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