Matrimonial Property and Succession

Our lawyers advise clients when drawing up tailor-made solutions for matrimonial property law, inheritance law, and certain aspects of the law regarding the protection of adults

We render professional, target-oriented advice, mainly in the following areas:

  • Estate planning and (corporate) succession planning
  • Advance care directives and patient’s provision
  • Matrimonial agreements
  • Concubinage agreements
  • Inheritance agreements
  • Testamentary dispositions and last wills
  • Establishments of foundations and trusts
  • Executions of last wills
  • Division of estates
  • Legal representation in proceedings (in or out of court) in the area of matrimonial property law and inheritance law

Succession planning

Our planning covers the arrangements of our clients‘ property relationships upon their death, namely by drawing up solutions, which meet our clients’ needs, and their subsequent implementation, , both in straightforward and complex circumstances, be it because of international relations, complex family structures, or the passing on to successive generations of control in family businesses. Our team of experienced and specialized tax advisors support our clients on all questions arising from a tax law point of view relating to succession planning. When implementing such solutions we use various means, not only matrimonial, concubinage or inheritance agreements and last wills, but also public deeds for the establishment of foundations or trusts and further agreements, such as for the implementation of the generation succession. Because of our in house notaries, the transactions can be notarised and implemented immediately.

Division of estate

Our law firm accommodates heirs when planning the estate and, also the division of the estate in national and cross border relationships. Our lawyers act as executor of wills and render legal advice regarding the division of the estate. This support ranges from the initial preparation of the division of the estate, especially as to the support of the heirs in all matters related to inheritance law, the measures necessary for defining and evaluating the deceased’s estate, the drawing up of the inheritance division agreement to the actual division of the estate.

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