Diligent and analytical contract drafting is an important and often indispensable means to allow for a smooth implementation and, as well, to avoid complex and costly disputes, either at court or out-of-court.

Therefore, careful contract drafting is one of the core competencies of our lawyers at Reichlin Hess AG. We offer comprehensive, professional, competent and thorough legal advice and representation in this area. Our lawyers, having great expertise and comprehensive and sound experience in contracting, are able to advise our clients on national and cross border transactions and to render support on the drawing up of tailor-made and sustainable solutions.

We render professional, target-oriented advice mainly in the following areas:

  • Purchase and exchange agreements, deed of donations
  • (Master-) supply agreements
  • Lending and loan agreements
  • Rental and lease agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Contracts for work and services
  • Mandates including asset management agreements
  • Service agreements
  • Distribution, licence, franchise and agency agreements as well as other national and international commercial contracts
  • Security agreements such as sureties, pledge agreements, guarantees, deposit and escrow agreements
  • General terms and conditions and model contracts
  • Quality management agreements
  • E-Commerce, agreements in the area of the law of information technology, including agreements on transfer of technology
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
  • Subscription, investment and financing agreements
  • Partnership agreements of any kind
  • Joint venture agreements and agreements on cooperation or collaboration, respectively
  • Shareholders‘ agreements (SHA)

Contract negotiations / contract drafting / contract review

Our lawyers support our clients in regard to contract negotiations and the selection of the solution best meeting our clients’ expectations. We design and draft tailor-made agreements in accordance with Swiss law, review existing contractual arrangements, and advise our clients in a committed way with respect to amendments required or otherwise in their interest.

Contract implementation

Our lawyers assist in the implementation of agreements and they advise and represent clients with respect to the enforcement of contractual claims, either at court or with a view to an out-of-court settlement.