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At Reichlin Hess, we act as your own team of attorneys, notaries and tax experts. Since 1981, you have been able to count on our experience – and on us keeping our eye on the future in Zug, a dynamic center of international trade and finance.

Whether you are from Switzerland or abroad, whether you are a company engaged in industry, trade or services or a private individual: We are here to assist you as high-powered attorneys, tax consultants and notaries public with a back office focused on service. You profit not only from our expertise but also from the network we have built up over the course of 40 years in “Crypto Valley” Zug.

Trust is the basis of everything we do to assist you in creating – and safeguarding – your assets. We are happy to advise you on all issues of the law in its full diversity.

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For all the diversity of our team’s combined expertise, we have one trait in common: Our passion for tackling any challenges you bring us. This helps us to recognize opportunities quickly and to champion your rights effectively.

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Abolition of bearer shares: Deadline!

Bearer shares are only permissible if a company is listed on a stock exchange or has structured the bearer shares as intermediated securities. If this is not the case, bearer shares must be converted into registered shares by 30 April 2021 at the latest. The conversion requires notarization by a notary public.

EU Growth Prospectus filed

In collaboration with our colleagues in the EU we have filed an EU Growth Prospectus for the public sale of participation certificates by a Swiss Startup in the Crypto Valley.

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Cryptocurrencies: Tax values 2020 for Swiss net wealth tax purposes

The Swiss Federal Tax Administration (SFTA) has published the list of exchange rates of foreign currencies and cryptocurrencies as per December 31, 2020. The exchange rates are used to determine the tax values of foreign currencies and cryptocurrencies in CHF which individuals have to declare in their private tax declarations for net wealth tax purposes.

Coronavirus: Measures against bankruptcies will not be extended

At its meeting on October 14, 2020, the Federal Council decided not to extend the temporary measures to prevent corona-related bankruptcies. The measures of the Covid-19 Ordinance on Insolvency Law of April 16, 2020 were limited to six months and continue to apply until October 19, 2020. For legal entities and their responsible persons that are subject to a legal obligation to notify in the event of capital loss and over-indebtedness, this also means a return to the regular legal obligations to notify in the event of capital loss and over-indebtedness.

Debt collection request remains visible even after unsuccessful legal proceedings

With this decision, the Federal Supreme Court clarified the question whether an unsuccessful proceeding for setting aside the objection also justifies the non-disclosure of debt collection to third parties based on Art. 8 para. 3 lit. d of the Swiss Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Act. The Federal Supreme Court denies this. Even after an unsuccessful application for the objection to be set aside, the debt enforcement request would still be disclosed to third parties. If the (alleged) debtor nevertheless wishes to prevent disclosure of the debt collection to third parties, he can and must take action himself and bring an action against the (alleged) creditor for cancellation of the debt collection request or demonstration of non-existence of the claim.