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At Reichlin Hess, we act as your own team of attorneys, notaries and tax experts. Since 1981, you have been able to count on our experience – and on us keeping our eye on the future in Zug, a dynamic center of international trade and finance.

Whether you are from Switzerland or abroad, whether you are a company engaged in industry, trade or services or a private individual: We are here to assist you as high-powered attorneys, tax consultants and notaries public with a back office focused on service. You profit not only from our expertise but also from the network we have built up over the course of 40 years in “Crypto Valley” Zug.

Trust is the basis of everything we do to assist you in creating – and safeguarding – your assets. We are happy to advise you on all issues of the law in its full diversity.

«We are an established law firm and yet ready to embrace change.»

Paul Thalmann, Partner

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For all the diversity of our team’s combined expertise, we have one trait in common: Our passion for tackling any challenges you bring us. This helps us to recognize opportunities quickly and to champion your rights effectively.

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Inheritance law revision 2023

The reduction of the compulsory portion from 1 January 2023 offers the testator new flexibility. Plan early and review your last will or inheritance contract. Careful estate planning facilitates the settlement of the estate and reduces potential conflicts between heirs or beneficiaries. Our attorneys are happy to assist you in this process.

Abolition of bearer shares: Deadline!

Bearer shares are only permissible if a company is listed on a stock exchange or has structured the bearer shares as intermediated securities. If this is not the case, bearer shares must be converted into registered shares by 30 April 2021 at the latest. The conversion requires notarization by a notary public.

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Relocation of the debtor to a neighbouring country: Cross-border enforcement of claims in the relationship between Switzerland and Germany

Invoices that are not being paid, or failure to comply with payment reminders, is extremely frustrating for creditors in both Switzerland and Germany. For this reason, both the Swiss and German legal systems offer creditors a simple and efficient way of enforcing their claims: in Switzerland through debt enforcement and in Germany through dunning procedures.

Foreign Nationals Living in Switzerland

Immigration to Switzerland from abroad, especially from our neighbouring countries; Germany, Italy and France, remains high. It is unlikely that this trend will abate in the near future, not least because of the high demand of skilled workers. As a result, the need for advice on matrimonial and inheritance matters having an international dimension - whether due to bi-national marriages, the death of a foreigner living in Switzerland or having assets abroad - is constantly increasing.

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New Swiss Corporation Law

Virtual General Meeting of Private Companies: Waiver of the Independent Proxy - Teleological Navigation between Legislative Model and Fall from Grace