Notary Services

Providing notarial services in connection with corporate matters, succession and estate planning as well as other civil-law matters is one of our core competencies.

In-house Notaries with Substantial Experience

All of our notaries are also practicing as lawyers. Not least due to the combination of these activities, they have the outstanding characteristics from which our clients may benefit in all respects:

  • Based on their substantial experience in advising clients in all areas of commercial law and inheritance law, both in a domestic and international context, they are able provide comprehensive notarial assistance even in complex cases and for non-German speaking clients.
  • Their commitment, responsiveness and availability even outside of regular office hours allows them to accommodate last minute requests also in time sensitive cases.
  • They provide comprehensive assistance with each notarization, communicate directly and in a constructive manner with the competent Commercial Registries and take responsibility for a smooth settlement and registration of each transaction.

Our Notarial Services

We support our clients with competent and productive advice in particular in the following areas:

  • Notarizations in all matters of corporate law, such as
    • Incorporation of companies by way of cash payment or contribution in kind (e.g., of crypto currencies)
    • Establishment of foundations
    • Capital increases and reductions
    • Amendments of articles of association, incl. changes of registered office
    • Mergers, spin-offs, conversions and asset transfers pursuant to the merger act
    • Liquidations
  • Notarizations relating to other civil-law matters, for example
    • Personal securities
    • Enforceable public deeds
    • Affidavits
    • Contests and raffles/lotteries
  • Notarizations of all matters relating to the matrimonial property regime, inheritance law and adult protection law, including
    • Dispositions by will, including wills and inheritance contracts
    • Advance directives
    • Legalizations/certifications for domestic and foreign use