Cross-border merger from Switzerland to Austria

In the context of the cross-border chain merger of an international provider of insurance for classic cars from Switzerland via Austria to Germany, we successfully accompanied all supranational as well as Swiss legal and tax aspects of this chain merger from Switzerland to Austria. The transaction was accompanied on the Austrian side by Dr. Marie-Agnes Arlt,, and in Germany by Dr. Weiss, Haack-Schubert.

| Paul Thalmann, Judith Hubatka

Commenting on the successful transaction, Dr. Marie-Agnes Arlt said: “I am delighted to have been able to accompany this extremely exciting transaction with a highly professional, international team. We share this joy. And in the same spirit, we thank our colleagues Dr. Marie-Agnes Arlt and Dr. Weiss, Haack-Schubert for the great cooperation.

Dr. Paul Thalmann and Judith Hubatka will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Paul Thalmann
Attorney at law, Notary Public
[email protected]
Judith Hubatka
Attorney at Law, Notary Public
[email protected]

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