Adoption Leave

Since 1 January 2023, employees who adopt a child are entitled to a two-week adoption leave.

| Philipp Bachmann, Simon Fricker

However, the entitlement to adoption leave only exists if the adopted child is not older than four years and is also not the biological child of a parent. There is no adoption leave for adoptions of the partner’s children (stepchildren). Furthermore, the adoptive parents must have been employed or self-employed at the time of the adoption of the child and must have been insured with the AHV for at least nine months prior to the adoption and must have been gainfully employed for at least five months during this period. If these requirements are met, the adoptive parents are entitled to two weeks’ adoption leave. This can be taken on a daily or weekly basis and divided between the adoptive parents.

The compensation for the adoption leave amounts to 80% of the average earned income before the adoption, but not more than CHF 220.00 per day. For the payment of the compensation, a special application must be submitted to the competent compensation office (the form of the compensation office Zug can be found here ( Payment will be made to the employer if the employer continues to pay the employee’s salary during the period of adoption leave. Otherwise, the compensation will be paid directly to the person entitled to it.

If you are looking for information on Paternity Leave, you can find it here (

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